Minco continually improves its products, processes, and services to meet or exceed customer requirements and quality objectives.

Guiding Principles

Minco has taken a systematic, process-based approach to operating our business. The core to this approach is:

  • Clear accountability and decision making at the lowest level possible
  • Intense focus on customer requirements to guide our activities
  • Continuous improvement across all areas and processes
  • Expectations and adherence to iCare values in all aspects of employee interactions.

Examples of how we operate include:

  • Focus on Lean principles to eliminate waste and Six Sigma to reduce variability
  • Operation and transactional Kaizen events to drive timely improvement results
  • Work cell empowerment with action-focused tiered escalation boards
  • Proactive risk identification and mitigation activities

Continuous Improvement (CI) at Minco

Minco's comprehensive approach to continuous improvement involves all components of CI across all areas of the company. The approach encompasses multiple elements to engage all areas of the company:Minco

  • Lean
  • 5S
  • Standard Work
  • Sigma
  • Innovation

The focus on taking the right steps to help CI simply become who we are:

  • Lean organization
  • Empowerment
  • Training
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance reviews
  • Expectations
  • Rewards

This comprehensive approach is the key to creating a self-sustaining, self-generating CI movement.

Requirements of our Markets

Minco’s experience in each of our market areas enables us to understand their unique quality requirements and what it takes to meet them. Our primary markets served include medical implants, medical diagnostics, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, power generation, oil and gas, rotating machinery, building automation, and industrial and commercial.


The core of Quality begins with our employees. Every employee is committed to deliver the highest Quality to our customers in everything they do. This commitment is backed by the full support of the Minco Leadership Team. The company’s corporate Quality Manager reports directly to the President, and is an integral partner in the operations of all of our business units and support departments. The Quality Manager and the President lead Minco’s Quality Council, which sets and implements a unified Quality system vision for the company.

Minco Certifications

Minco’s core quality certifications are noted below:

  • AS9100D/ EN9100
  • ISO9001:2015
  • Nadcap: Electronics AC7119 and AC7119/2

In addition, Minco’s Quality Management System complies with a variety of other market specific standards. Individual Minco products also possess a variety of product-level certifications and accreditations. To view all certifications that Minco carries, please visit our list in the Resource Center.

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