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The world faces significant challenges. We need to discover new ways to cure disease, explore space, grow food, travel, communicate, create energy, mitigate climate change and more. We believe our role as engineers is to contribute any way we can to meet Engineered Solutions these challenges. We need to continually find better ways to move technology forward — and make progress that matters.

This is our mission. This is what inspires Minco engineers. And it’s the driving force behind our longstanding engineer-to-engineer (E2E) practice. Every day, Minco engineers find new and better ways to solve design challenges by collaborating with our customers. Across a wide range of markets — including aerospace and defense, industrial and commercial manufacturing, life sciences and electronics — we serve as extension of our customers’ engineering teams.

We bring best practices from hundreds of similar engagements worldwide and help our customers plan, design and integrate the best solutions for their programs. We listen to our customers and combine their vision and their knowledge with our deep expertise in thermal, flex circuit, and sensor and instrument design. We freely share our design and manufacturing expertise — including a proven New Product Introduction (NPI) process that combines risk assessment, experienced engineering and supply assurance to create best-in-class products.

Some of our solutions — especially innovations that integrate heaters, circuits and sensors — are game-changers. Some simply help our customers reduce program costs, streamline manufacturing processes or incrementally improve the performance of their end-products. But the best outcomes typically have two things in common: E2E collaboration and a team effort that’s launched early in the design process.

Extension of Your Engineering Team

Key Steps in the Minco E2E Collaborative Process


The earlier in the process the better: Engineers from your team and from Minco engage in a discussion of your program goals.


Experienced Minco engineers apply new ideas and best practices from hundreds of engagements worldwide to create a winning design.


The integrated solutions and discrete products we design undergo thorough testing using a variety of simulation tools.


We use a series of prototyping processes to make sure our final design fits your manufacturing processes and meets or exceeds performance expectations in the field.

To learn more, download our e-book The Power of E2E Collaboration & Integrated Thinking that includes case studies on how Minco can improve the outcomes of your next design project.

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