Feature Options

Minco’s decades of flex circuit design and manufacturing has always included a focus on providing solutions that make interconnection efficient and affordable. Your application may require additional functionality that can easily be matched with any of our feature design options as listed below.  

Rigid-Flex: Hybrid hardboard/flex circuits can have up to 16 layers. They replace bulky wire harnesses with compact, robust design.

Pins: Minco can braze or solder pins to circuits, either through holes or as extensions to conductors.

Fine Lines: 0.002” conductors and spaces are possible.

Stiffeners: An inexpensive alternative to rigid-flex.

Connectors: Built-in connectors speed your assembly. Optional epoxy potting seals between the circuit and connector.

Shielding: Solid or patterned shield planes reduce noise and control impedance of signal lines. Use matched impedance flex circuits for high-speed signal integrity.

Wave Solder Carrier: Stiffener material frames the circuit to hold it flat during wave solder. After soldering, just clip out and install.

Factory Forming: Factory formed circuits follow tight curves to save space.

Coils: Minco’s unique flat wound inductive coils can be laminated into flex circuits. Applications include pacemaker antennas and eddy current generators.

Surface Mount: Combine the space and weight savings of surface mounting with those of flex circuits for the ultimate in high-density packaging.

Selective Bonding: For better flexibility along circuit arms, individual layers are unbounded and allowed to flex freely. Each layer has its own substrate and cover.

Integrated Solutions: Minco integrates temperature sensors and etched –foil heaters with flex circuits for unified temperature control.


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