High Density Interconnect

Depend on Minco High Density Interconnect (HDI) flexible circuits when conventional printed circuit board (PCB) technology won’t do. What do you get with HDI? Better electrical performance, access to advanced integrated circuit (IC) package use, and improved reliability through the use of vias down to 50 micron’s and 9 micron copper.

Minco provides unmatched HDI capabilities and reliability. Plus, our IPC-certified engineers are available to assist you to make your designs easier to build without sacrificing performance.

Let us help you utilize the enhanced design, layout and construction options HDI flex circuits have to offer including finer lines and spaces, microvias, and higher connection pad density.


HDI Benefits

  • Higher density and smaller electronic packages with 50 micron line and spacing along with 50 micron vias allow
  • Blind and buried via processes with sequential lamination offer more design options
  • Advanced component packaging
  • Decreased component size and pitch improves electrical performance and signal integrity as well as thermal performance and reliability

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