RTD and Thermocouple Temptran™ Transmitters are capable of providing accurate signals over thousands of feet. This is accomplished by amplifying low-level signals from RTDs or thermocouples to industry standard 4-20mA output, voltage, or HART® protocol.

Transmitter Application 

Fixed range models feature UL and FM approvals, capable of superior performance in a small, economical package.

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Programmable transmitters can be configured with Minco's AC205817 programmer, a PC, and Minco's user-friendly Windows-based interface. Program them on a benchtop, or remotely from the control room. These round transmitters are big enough to send an uncompromised signal for thousands of feet, yet small enough to fit in a standard DIN Form B head.  Communication is 2-way, so set-up and serial/tag numbers can be received from the transmitter.  The round transmitters are ideal for mounting at the field location in a standard DIN form B head.

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Standard design can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a standard 35mm DIN rail inside a local box.  Devices are PC programmable to accept a signal from a thermocouple, a resistance temperature detector (RTD), or a millivolt signal.

To learn more about our products, please see our online catalog.

Transmitters can be developed for special packaging requirements or integrated directly into a sensing device for an easier-to-install temperature sensing solution.  When looking at total system accuracy, integrating the sensor and transmitter together enables matched calibration, to effectively eliminate the sensor tolerance from the system accuracy specification.

High Accuracy: RTDs have an inherent calibration error, as do transmitters. Often, the combined error exceeds the required system accuracy. Minco's match calibrated sensor/transmitter sets effectively eliminate the RTD error by calibrating the transmitter to the actual RTD output. This technique can attain system (sensor/transmitter) accuracies to 0.2% of transmitter temperature span.


Choose from several models integrated into a certified Minco temperature sensor assembly for use in hazardous areas, or select a model with component approval as part of an intrinsically safe circuit. Various models may have agency approvals from ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA, UL, and more.

HART® Communication

The HART® communication available on Minco models TT511, TT521, and TT531, augments a standard 4-20mA signal with digital communication. The digital signal component provides more than just temperature – including tag number, temperature range, short-circuited sensor, open-circuited sensor, and more. In multidrop mode, up to 63 transmitters can be connected in a 2-wire "chain" (parallel connection). Since HART® is 2-way communication, the devices can be read and programmed over the same 2 wires, with a single controller.

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