Building Automation

Minco temperature sensors ensure maximum energy efficiency in a variety of HVAC/R applications. Our building automation sensors are reliable and accurate, moisture resistant, and compatible with almost any building automation system.  Match calibrating temperature sensors with Minco transmitters offers increased system accuracy.


Averaging: Rigid or bendable averaging sensors sense the temperature of air streams in ducts and plenums. These sensors have a continuous element to sense true average temperature along their entire length. They provide accurate composite readings in locations where air may be stratified into hot and cold layers.

  • Rigid averaging sensors have a brass case, with a variety of sensing element options.
  • Bendable averaging sensors are available in aluminum or copper sheaths, formable to a radius of 4”.
  • Chill-OutTM: Two sensors in one easily installed package, features a solid state low temperature cut-out (“Freeze Stat”) and an averaging resistance temperature sensor. The solid state design and rugged 3/8” diameter tubing eliminates concern of gas leaks or kinking the capillary during installation. Transmitters, relays, and control circuitry are self-contained in a rugged junction box for easy mounting, with a gasket to prevent leakage and vibration noise.

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Buidling Technology 

Rigid temperature probes are compact and light weight for use in air ducts and plenums. The sensors include a junction box with gasket to prevent leakage and vibration noise. These point-sensing thermometers feature a fast-responding aluminum sensing tip.

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Immersion sensors include stainless steel thermowells for insertion directly into fluid streams.  The sensing probe may be removed without breaking the fluid seal.

This sensor was designed primarily for low velocity water pipes. Thermowell U lengths over 6” or fluid velocities over 3 ft/s may require a different thermowell/sensor solution. 


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Outside Air 

Outside Air (OAS) Temperature Sensors are designed to mount on conduit, outside your building. The elbow enclosure and sun-shield provide weather resistant and accurate temperature feedback.

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Minco’s room air sensors are available with a variety of enclosures that meet most standard and explosionproof HVAC/R installations. The sensors can be match calibrated with a Minco temperature transmitter for increased accuracy and reliability. Room air sensors are designed for wall mounting and are available in a variety of configurations.

  • Full size and compact plastic enclosures with brushed aluminum faceplates offer a finished appearance over standard junction boxes. The full size enclosure has optional knockouts for Wiremold raceway surface wiring and optional 4-20 mA temperature transmitter.
  • Flush mount stainless steel face plate offers a low profile installation over standard junction boxes.
  • The explosionproof sensor housing is UL listed and CSA approved for Class I, Groups C and D; Class II, Groups E, F, and G; and Class III.

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Ideal for ultralow freezers, laboratories, blood banks, walk-in freezers, even incubators – anywhere accurate sensing of the contents instead of the air is a vital concern. The vial slows the response of the temperature sensor, such that a brief opening of the door does not trigger a false alarm. Sealing the temperature sensor in a polyethylene Thermal VialTM eliminates spillage and contamination. The container can be filled with any fluid such as ethylene glycol, alcohol, water, or cryopreservative to accurately emulate the material being stored or processed.

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