Minco’s ceramic elements provide accurate temperature measurement over a wide temperature range and are high-shock and vibration resistant. They offer fast response, include a variety of platinum and nickel TCRs, and are capable of resistances up to 10,000 ohm, making these elements ideal for a variety of applications.

The packaging of sensing elements into probes and assemblies requires design and process experience to achieve accurate, repeatable and reliable temperature sensing. Utilize Minco's wealth of knowledge in building temperature sensors whenever possible.

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Ceramic elements can be assembled into probes or potted inside holes in heatsinks and platens. The ceramic substrate has a high thermal conductivity, making it ideal for applications requiring fast time response over a wide temperature range.

These elements are designed for extreme aerospace applications:

Cutting edge high strength ceramic

  • >4X flexural strength (vs. standard forsterite element)
  • 50g sinusoidal vibration (MIL-STD-202G, Method 204D, Condition E)
  • 46.3gRMS random vibration (MIL-STD-202G, Method 214A, Condition I, Letter K)
  • 500g shock (MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B, Condition D)
  • <1mm diameter

Proven glassed ceramic RTD construction

  • Repeatability ≤0.1°C
  • Stability ≤0.1°C/year (expected, based upon similar designs)
  • Insulation Resistance >10GΩ typical
  • Dielectric Breakdown >600V typical
  • Operating Temperatures up to 550°C

wire wound 

See Minco's probe sensors for more sensor design ideas.

These elements have a thin layer of metal deposited onto a ceramic substrate, enabling high resistance density in an extremely small design.  Thin-film RTDs offer the same small profile as thermistors; however they are able to operate over a much wider temperature range. They are also capable of enduring the robust conditions of wire-wound equivalents at a competitive cost. SMD and wired configurations make these elements suitable for assembly into a large variety of products, including probes, miniature sensors, and Thermal-RibbonsTM.

thin film 

These elements are ideal for medical applications requiring small sensor designs for fast response and long term stability. See Minco’s miniature sensors for more sensor design ideas.

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